«Petrovskaya Akvatoria»


Malaya Morskaya Str., 4/1, 6th floor


10:00 – 22:00

Entrance fee

adults - 450 rubles, preferential - 350 rubles, children - 250.

The first major historical miniature model in Russia at a scale of 1:87, 500 sq.m. meters in area. The main feature of the model is a real water space, symbolizing the water area of the Neva and the Gulf of Finland, where models of the ships of the Petrine era walk along the water!

The exposition of the museum is a reconstruction of the most significant sights of St. Petersburg and the suburbs, connected with the history of creation of the city and the Russian fleet. Here, through engravings, materials of museum archives, ancient manors, parks, palaces have been recreated, some of which we will never see ...

How Nevsky Prospekt looked in the XVIII century, how ships descended from the Admiralty slipways, what sorts of balls were held in the Upper Park of Peterhof, how did Petersburgers enjoy Maslenitsa? You are a tourist, and you have little time to explore the city and the suburbs? "Petrovskaya Aquatoriya" provides a unique opportunity to see the main sights of St. Petersburg (the historical center of the city, Kronshtadt, Oranienbaum, Peterhof) in one place!

Unlike many museums, «Petrovskaya Akvatoria" is open every day until 22:00. Photo and video for free.

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