Park "Quiet rest"


Malaya Nevka River emb., 6


Year of foundation

the end of XIX century

Ticket price


The entire green zone of the Kamenny Island is a large garden, where once were the dachas of nobles, and now dilapidated sanatoria, state and diplomatic institutions of the Soviet era stand.

In the center of the Kamenny Island the Church of the Nativity of John the Baptist stands, the main attraction of the park "Quiet rest". This monument of architecture of the XVIII century, executed in the style of pseudo-Gothic, today is the Orthodox Church. The chapel of the icon «Vsezaritsa" works there.

Among other places there is the Kamennoostrovsky Palace (though it does not formally belong to the architectural ensemble of the park), the Gauswald Cottage (a monument of wooden architecture in the Art Nouveau style), the Fallenweider Mansion (an architectural monument in the style of the Northern Art Nouveau), the dacha of Stieglitz-Polovtsov. Many historic buildings located in the park are now in disrepair.

Recently, the city authorities decided to restore the architectural ensembles of the park. The first manor to be restored will be the estate of Vinogradsky-Schwarz.