Bankovsky lane, 3
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
18:00 – 02:00
Friday, Weekend
18:00 – 04:30
Daily from 18.00 till the last guest, Monday – day off
Average bill
1200 rub

Military bar Parabellum is a safety bunker for brave ones who survived nuclear bombing and radiation contamination. Guest of the bar are “keen lover of military theme, retro futurism, historical reconstructions and role games, Fallout, steam punk, strikeball and just nice people. Some come to take couple of shots from a vast bar card, some like to listen to live music, some enjoy the unique atmosphere of the place and become residents.

Our war is a battle with grey days of St. Petersburg. Instead of the rain drop sound you will hear live music. Instead of heavy sky – colorful and juicy dishes from our menu. Instead of wet clothes – soul warmed with alcohol.”

Several times per week concerts, meet-ups, movie screenings are organized.

You can book a table: 983 3184.

You can get a discount if it’s your birthday or you are dressed in the style of post-apocalypses, military, steam punk etc.

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