Monument to the chimney sweep

Bolshaya Moskovskaya Street, 1 - 3, in the courtyard
Opened in
October 2006
A. Vasiliev
A. Shevardin, S. Simina

The monument to the chimney-sweep is located in one of the St. Petersburg courts almost on the roof itself. You cannot notice it right away, but if you look not only at your feet but also up, it's not difficult to find a chimney sweep. A staircase is attached to the wall of the house in the courtyard of houses 1 - 3 along Bolshaya Moskovskaya Street, where a smiling little man in a suit and a cylinder, with a brush for cleaning pipes under his arm and a skein of rope on his shoulder, settled himself.

Once the profession of a chimney sweeper was necessary and honorable. These workers, soiled with soot, are always closer to the sky than ordinary townspeople. They meet the sun before everyone else and always smile as if they are aware of some special mystery. That's probably why seeing a chimney sweep has always been a good sign.

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