Monument to Mumu


Sadovaya st., 94


Opened in

25 March 2004


Aram Arevikyan

The height of the monument


The height of the figure

48 х 18cm

A touching monument to a dog from the famous story by I.S. Turgenev’s “Mumu” can be seen in the square bearing the name of the writer, near the entrance to the cafe “Two Mu”. Little bronze Mumu, curled up in a ball, is waiting for its owner, the janitor Gerasim, faithfully guarding his apron and boots. There is a memorial plaque next to the figure on the wall.

The monument to Mumu was opened in 2004, to the 150th anniversary of the first publication of this story by Turgenev in the Sovremennik magazine. The author of the sculpture is Aram Arevikyan. As conceived by the creator of the monument, the sculpture is dedicated to all our younger brothers who suffered because of man.

The total height of the sculptural composition is 161 cm, the size of the dog's figure is 48x18 cm.

Petersburg legend says that if you make a wish and throw a coin into Gerasim's boot, then the wish will come true (however, it is possible that the legend was invented by the owners of the cafe ...)

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