"Moscow" Hotel


Aleksandr Nevsky sq., 2


Years of foundation

1974-1977, 2005-2007


D.S. Goldgor, V.N. Shcherbin and L.K. Varshavskaya (first building), V.M. Freifeld and D.B. Sedakov (reconstruction)



The modern building of the Moscow Hotel, stretching in a semicircle along Alexander Nevsky Square and Sinopskaya Embankment, was erected in 1974-1977. designed by architects D.S. Goldgora, V.N. Shcherbina and L.K. Warsaw.

The new hotel looked like a large white ship, anchored off the banks of the Neva. The building stood out from the surrounding classical buildings, thanks to the tower above the main building and the "glass belt" of the first floor. The windows offer a view of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra, the Alexander Nevsky Bridge and the Neva River.

In 2005-2007 the hotel was reconstructed according to the project of architects V.M. Freifeld and D.B. Sedakov. The facades were rebuilt, becoming even more modern, the building received an attic floor, and inside, in addition to the hotel, there was a shopping center.

Today the complex of the hotel "Moscow" includes an atmospheric cinema loft, souvenir shops, a shopping center, a supermarket, a spa center and various salons, as well as many restaurants, cafes and bars.