Знаменитое здание

Obvodny canal

Ligovsky pr., 153
Metro Stations
05:35 – 00:20
Years of foundation
P.V. Malmalaev, B.A. Podolsky

The station of the 5th (Frunzensko-Primorsky, "Violet") line was opened on December 30, 2010. It was built, like the line itself, back in 2008, but due to the lack of access to the surface, trains passed it without stopping.

The lobby, in the end, was located in the building of the Ligov shopping and entertainment center at the intersection of Ligovsky Prospekt and the Obvodny Canal embankment. Previously, there was a Sever cinema and a residential building built in 1914 - both had to be demolished.

An interesting underground hall, designed by architects P.V. Malmalaeva and B.A. Podolsky. The station itself is made in a futuristic style, and the walls are completely decorated with glass-ceramic panels with collages from historical photos of the Bypass Canal - such as it was at the end of the 19th century. On one of the panels is a quote from the poem of the same name by Nikolai Zabolotsky: “The channel reigns in my window for the entire Obvodny quarter”.

A 10-minute walk from the metro exit is the Bus Station, from where you can go to Moscow and other regions of Russia, as well as to the Baltic countries.