Social movement “Petersburg parents”


Energetikov Ave., 11, building 1, building 2, room 14-N


09:00 – 18:00

The St. Petersburg Parents regional social movement unites people who are firmly convinced that all children should live in families, not in orphanages. Therefore, for more than 10 years, St. Petersburg Parents have been engaged in the prevention of social orphanhood, the promotion of the family structure of children without parental care, support for foster families aimed at the successful social adaptation of children and the prevention of repeated failures.

Volunteers of the Petersburg parents are people who are ready to donate their strength and time to help orphans! Our volunteers participate in fundraising campaigns for orphanages, try not only to visit children in hospitals, but also to communicate with them, hold unusual events, master classes, walk and, most importantly, listen and talk with children. Everyone who cares can become a family for a child!