Saint Petersburg Artist

Галина Степанова


Moika River emb., 100




11:00 – 20:00

Entrance fee

250 rubles

Museum-exhibition center “Saint Petersburg Artist” specializes in realistic art of the XX century. The permanent exhibition is assembled from a substantial collection of works by the Leningrad painting School artists, bringing back the lyrical realism of the Soviet epoch of the 1930-1990s. Our exhibition center also holds temporary painting exhibitions of the remarkable realism painters.

Here you can find and acquire the reliable artworks verified by experts for your own private collection. The concerts, theatrical performances, master-classes and creative meetings are another advantage of our gallery.

With an apartment-like atmosphere, surrounded by the art and beauty, you might spend a wonderful time here. Our art gallery is located in the historic building on the Moyka River Embankment, a few steps from the Mariinsky Theater, New Holland Island, Yusupov Palace and St. Isaac’s Cathedral.

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