Museum "Old New Year"

Sadovaya St., 28-30, building 18. (Apraksin yard)
Entrance fee
Free. Donations are accepted for the development of the museum: 50 rubles.

One of the places with the most pleasant and kind atmosphere in St. Petersburg on Sadovaya street in Apraksin yard.

While visiting this fabulous exhibition space, you will rest from the bustle of the city surrounded by Soviet Christmas tree toys and garlands, greeting cards and New Year's invitation cards for the children’s celebration. You can look through the old magazines and read New Year's announcements while listening to the pacifying music from the famous New Year's movies that will help to make a full immersion into the past.

In the museum, you will learn a lot of interesting information about the history of the New Year celebration, get acquainted with interesting pre-revolutionary artifacts, for example, with the washstand "Moydodyr" and the signs of lug collections. You can view every detail of the exposure as close as you want. After all, some things from the exhibition can be touched.

The museum is located in the Apraksin yard for a reason. «Izokult» was located here in the middle of the last century. It is the legendary Leningrad Artel for the production of Christmas-tree toys, where until 1947 Christmas toys from glass and cotton wool, bas-reliefs of leaders, children's games, and dolls were made. Toys of "Izokult" were handmade, with individual painting. Now, most of the cotton toys are rarities, because they were produced only by this particular artel. Products reflected their time: the girls wrapped in shawls, janitors with brooms.

How to find a museum? 70 steps from the corner st. Lomonosov and Sadovaya Str. towards Sennaya Square on the side of Apraksin yard (the 12th arch on the score). On one of the arches will be written "Museum". Enter the room, walk down the corridor straight, there will be another door at the end. If you go further to the right, you will see a ladder to the second floor. It leads directly to the museum.

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