Museum of the Soviet era

Kirochnaya st., 1
Monday, Tuesday
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Weekend
12:00 – 19:00
Entrance fee
Ticket with a guided tour: residents of St. Petersburg: 400 rubles, residents of other cities of Russia: 500 rubles, foreign tourists: 800 rubles, children and schoolchildren: 300 rubles.

The Museum of the Soviet era is an opportunity to make a unique journey into the past of our country. Adults recall their childhood and youth, and children imagine how their parents, grandparents lived, feel the spirit of the era.

This is the first museum in St. Petersburg, whose exposition is fully devoted to the history of the emergence and development of the Soviet Union, about the everyday life of Soviet people. The museum fund has more than 20 thousand exhibits. A collection has been assembled that tells about Soviet life, which also contains unique exhibits.

The exposition is located in eight rooms. Of particular interest is the hall dedicated to the everyday life of Soviet people in the 1970s and 1980s. The museum has recreated the office of the leader of the 1970s and a corner of a typical Soviet apartment.

In the hall of revolution and industrialization, exhibits from the pre-revolutionary period and the 1920s – 30s are displayed. You will learn about the prerequisites for revolution, the formation of Soviet power, the first decrees, the first steps of the new government, industrialization, the first great construction projects. In the hall "Soviet Childhood" you can see children's games, clothes, as well as numerous toys of those times.

In addition, in the museum you will see a collection of photo and film equipment, television and radio equipment, cosmetics, the world's only and best food processor. The equipment is in working order.

At the moment, the museum conducts excursions in groups of 5 people. You cannot visit the museum without a tour. For foreign citizens, excursions are conducted in English, Chinese, German and French.

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