Sigmund Freud Dream Museum


Bolshoy pr. PS, 18A


Unusual museums

Tuesday, Weekend

12:00 – 17:00


Excursions for individual visitors are held without an appointment at 12.30 and at 15.00.

Entrance fee

adults -250 rubles., schoolchildren, students, pensioners - 100 rubles.

The Freud Dreams Museum was opened on November 4, 1999, to the centenary of the publication of his book «Interpretation of Dreams». The museum is dedicated to the dreams, theories of Freud, his love of art and collecting antiquities.

The museum is a total installation. All its visible and invisible walls, exposed surfaces, floor, ceiling are thought out, calculated and aligned so that it would be possible to easily expand them and continue the visual series based on their own experience, fantasies, and desires.

The museum holds exhibitions, lectures, performances, and meetings with interesting people.

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