S-189 Submarine Floating Museum

berth on the embankment. Lieutenant Schmidt in alignment 16-17 lines VO, entrance through the passenger terminal
Monday, Tuesday
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Weekend
11:00 – 17:30
visitors enter until 18:00
Entrance fee
adults - 300 rubles, Students and cadets - 200 rubles, Pensioners and schoolchildren -100 rubles.

S-189 is the last (in Russian Federation) of 215 Soviet medium-sized diesel-electric torpedo submarines of Project 613. It is the most mass type of boats built after the Great Patriotic War. Until the late 80-s of the XX century, these submarines were serving in all fleets. Their main purpose is the destruction of enemy warships and transports, mine operations, reconnaissance.

The museum was opened on March 20, 2010. In the submarine's compartments, the real situation of the service and life of Soviet submariners is preserved

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