Museum of art of St. Petersburg of XX-XXI centuries


Griboedova canal emb., 103


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Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Weekend

12:00 – 20:00


14:00 – 21:00

Entrance fee

150 rubles (discounted ticket 50 rub)

Museum of art of St. Petersburg of XX-XXI centuries is a storage of a unique collection representing the pearl of the city's fine. The museum was established in January 2016 as a branch of the Central Exhibition Hall "Manege", although it has been carrying out its artistic activity since the foundation of the collection. Its history begins in 1990, when the decision of the Collegium of the Main Department of Culture of the Executive Committee of the Leningrad City Council to the Central Exhibition Hall "Manege" was entrusted with the task of starting the formation of a fund of works by Leningrad artists in order to create the Museum of Modern Art in St. Petersburg. In the structure of the Central Exhibition Hall "Manege", a department of contemporary art was established, which from the very first day of its existence carried out a serious set of tasks for acquisition, accounting, storage, and public presentation of art objects.

Currently, there is no permanent exposition in the museum. However, the museum conducts extensive exhibition activity on the basis of its own collection, placing temporary expositions at three sites of the main building: in the lecture hall (1st floor), the Hall "Graphic Study" (II floor), the Great Hall (III floor) and the Blue Hall (IV floor) . The courtyard in the summer is also a venue for various cultural events and exhibition projects.

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