Museum of Porcelain and Chess

Aptekarskaya emb., 6 (Entrance from the corner of Instrumentalnaya st., -st. Professora Popova)
Art museums
Monday, Sunday
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
11:00 – 18:30
Entrance fee
adults - 100 rubles, Students - 50 rubles, Pensioners and schoolchildren - 20 rubles

New cultural location in St. Petersburg, where a unique collection of porcelain created by Russian and international artists can be found.

Exposition is divided into 2 parts: Museum of Porcelain and Chess and Museum of author’s porcelain

Central part of exposition is chess. You can get into the magical world of fairytales, carnivals, historical battles, knights and royal courts. Famous characters are depicted in the form of sophisticated chess figures.

Museum of author’s porcelain welcomes everyone who wants to get closer to the mesmerizing art of Russian porcelain of 20th century. Here you can learn about different techniques of decorating porcelain wares, about how the porcelain art was developing starting from Russian Imperial Porcelain manufacture established by Elizaveta to the works of modern Avant-guard artists.

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