Museum of Emotions


Italianskaya Str., 1


Unusual museums


11:00 – 21:00

Entrance fee

adults - 600 rubles, preferential -300 rubles, family - 990 rubles, a single ticket to visit all objects (the Museum of Emotions, Art-Tir, the art laboratory "Emotional portrait", the art cafe "Snyt" and the photo zone "Sea Camomile ") - 999 rubles.

Interactive Museum of Modern Art "The Museum of Emotions" is the project of the artist Alexei Sergienko. The main idea uniting the exposition of the museum is the impact through art objects, paintings, video art and installations on visitors, plunging everyone into a certain emotional state.

The space of the Museum is divided into separate zones, united by special corridors. Each zone is a certain emotion, and the corridor is a transition from one emotion to another.

All art objects, paintings, video art and installations that are in the museum, meet the main requirement, to cause this or that emotion.

Индивидуальные пешеходные экскурсии — обзорные, необычные, тематические
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