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Moscow square
Metro Stations
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Years of foundation
A.S. Getzkin, V.P. Shuvalova et al. (Lobby, passage and cash room), N.V. Kamensky, S.G. Mayofis (underground hall).

The station of the 2nd (Moscow-Petrograd, Blue) line was opened on December 25, 1969 as part of the Victory Park - Moskovskaya section. The name received due to its location on Moskovsky Prospekt, near Moscow Square. There are buses and minibuses from Moskovskaya station to Pulkovo airport, to the city of Pushkin and to the ExpoForum exhibition center.

The station has no ground pavilions - it has two underground vestibules, South and North, where you can get by going down the stairs and passing through pedestrian tunnels. The southern entrance is located at the corner of Moskovsky Prospect and Aviation Street, and the North entrance is at the corner of Moskovsky Prospect and Altai Street (this is where buses to and from the airport stop).

Lobbies, cash rooms and underpasses are designed by architects A.S. Getzkina, V.P. Shuvalova, K.N. Athos, I.E. Sergeeva and engineers M.M. Sinichkina and A.D. Evstratova.

Moskovskaya is one of 10 closed-type stations in St. Petersburg, the so-called horizontal elevator. It has no side platforms, the central hall is fenced off from the paths by a wall with sliding doors, like in an elevator, through which the landing is made. This is the longest "closed" station in St. Petersburg. The underground hall was designed by architects N.V. Kamensky, S.G. Mayofis and engineers D.I. Selitoy and N.S. Arsenieva.