Time cafe



Marata st., 36-38 ap. 123 (intercom 123В or 3842В), 6 floor


Time cafes

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday

12:00 – 00:00

Friday, Saturday

12:00 – 06:00

Average bill

300 rubles

Spacious, bright and comfortable home, where you be a guest every day, chat with friends or meet new ones, play board games or game consoles, watch movies on the big screen, celebrate birthday and much more.

There are 150 board games, over 30 types of brewed tea and delicious coffee, cookies, crackers, toasts and jams, and more - access to the terrace with stunning views of the city’s rooftops. You can even smoke on the terrace!

You can still bring and order any food and soft drinks without restrictions. For alcoholic beverages, a cork charge in the amount of 300 rubles per bottle or liter is charged.

In the antikafe, just like at the friends' house, it is customary to change shoes - in one's own or in our slippers.

Удивите ваших гостей авторскими программами и «погружением» в тему!
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