Malo-Krestovsky bridge

Dinamo pr.
Opened in
1827 (wooden), 1962 (modern)
Length, m
Width, m
P.P. Bazin, Yu.L. Yurkov and L.A. Noskov

The Malo-Krestovsky bridge is thrown across the Krestovka river between the Kamenny and Krestovsky islands, in the alignment of Dynamo Avenue.

In 1817, a wooden floating bridge was built in this place, and 10 years later, according to the project of the engineer P.P. Bazin a permanent five-span wooden bridge of the crossbar-strut system was built. In this form, it stood for more than a hundred years.

Before the war, in 1940-1941, the bridge was rebuilt into a three-span bridge, the wooden beams were replaced with metal, and the pile supports and foundations were left in the tree.

The Malo-Krestovsky bridge acquired its modern look in 1962. New reinforced concrete bridge of an unusual design, constructed according to the project of engineer Yu.L. Yurkov and architect L.A. Noskov, became one of the striking examples of the bridge architecture of Leningrad at that time.

For the first time, new architectural forms and engineering solutions were used in the construction of the crossing, which made it possible to achieve the minimum dimensions of the elements of the double-jointed arch.

The superstructure consists of a reinforced concrete arch in the channel part and the overframe structure of two coastal superstructures of the beam type. The abutments of the bridge are massive, from monolithic reinforced concrete, on a pile foundation. Reinforced concrete slab - as part of the span.

The bridge is oblique in plan, it was built at an angle of 67 ° to the bed of the Krestovka River. Its length is 55.1 meters, width - 13 meters. The bridge is maintained by SPb GBU Mostotrest.