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Ligovsky prospect

© Алексей Фёдоров, Wikimedia Commons
Ligovsky pr., 98
Metro Stations
05:40 – 00:15
Years of foundation
Yu.V. Eechko, N.V. Romashkin-Timanov

The station of the 4th (Right-Bank, "Orange") line was opened on December 30, 1991 as part of the "Alexander Nevsky Square" - "Sadovaya" section. The name received by the same prospectus.

The design of the station was developed by architects Yu.V. Eechko and N.V. Romashkin-Timanov. The ground lobby is built into the metro office building, located on the corner of Transport Lane and Ligovsky Prospekt. The design used white marble, gray and red granite. Above the escalator tunnel there is a balustrade with a decorative lattice and stands with original lamps.

Previously, the lobby was decorated with stained-glass windows with views of old Petersburg, but after major repairs in 2014, the stained-glass windows were closed.

From the escalators to the underground hall of the station there is a long S-shaped pedestrian crossing. The underground hall is decorated with red granite, at the end of the station there is an arch with a decorative stained-glass window.

Although the metro station itself is not a bright attraction, its location is interesting - Ligovka is famous for its abundance of night and music clubs, where you can have fun from dusk to dawn.