Le Moujik

Fontanka river emb., 52
French Cuisine
08:00 – 23:45
Average bill
2000 rubles
+7 (999) 219 2813

Le Moujik is exactly a bistro, not a restaurant or cafe. The word "bistro" - French, Russian origin, from the word "quickly." The word came to France along with the flow of immigrants from Russia after the 1917 revolution.

Impatient Russian "quickly" the French turned into a special genre of institutions where they served immediately, without delay and without special restaurant ceremonies. So in France, and then everywhere in the world, bistros appeared.

The Russian-French character of the institution is reflected in its name Le Moujik (“Man”), and in the menu where French cuisine reigns. It serves the famous French onion soup and Alsatian onion pie, a la foie gras pâtés, duck ryet, and thin desserts.

In the mornings, at 08.00 am, the bistro serves all-inclusive breakfasts in French style.

The interiors of the institution resemble Parisian cafes. Particular attention should be paid to Provencal chairs with wicker seats. These chairs are more than a hundred years old, and they are not just similar to those depicted in the paintings of Van Gogh, but come precisely from those places where the artist lived.