La Perla Seafood

Marata st., 54/34
French Cuisine
Average bill
2000 rubles
+7 (812) 764 4413

Legendary fish restaurant of French cuisine, opened in 1999. There is a huge assortment of fish and seafood, as well as French cuisine from the chef Stanislav Potemkin. The main direction of the restaurant is oysters, which live in the aquatic system located right in the hall.

The wine list is based on the principles of enogastronomy - there you can find the perfect accompaniment to each dish from the menu. A glass of wine costs from 230 rubles and higher.

The interior of the restaurant literally teleports guests aboard the ship: portholes, bellies, the captain’s uniform, ships on window sills, and blue tones in the design. And no props: at the heart of the interior - the details of real trawler of the Baltic Fleet.

Popular dishes:

  • A glass of Veuve Clicquot champagne, salmon and black caviar: 1000 rub.
  • Molluscum Vongole: 280 rub. / 100 g
  • Mollusk guidak: 560 rubles / 100 g
  • Vishysuaz soup with Kamchatka crab meat: 530 rub.
  • Ladoga pikeperch fillet in vermouth sauce with carrot puree: 760 rub.