Cruise to Kronstadt


Kunstkamera Pier: Universitetskaya emb., 3


Water transport

Thursday, Friday, Weekend

11:30 – 17:20

Departure from the berths

Kunstkamera Pier: Universitetskaya emb., 3


5h 30min

Ticket price

from 900 rub

A trip to Kronstadt on the speed boat “Meteor” with a walking tour of the city and a visit to the famous Maritime Cathedral - this is a unique opportunity provided by the shipping company ASTRA MARINE.

The legendary city of maritime glory is located on the island of Kotlin, 50 km from St. Petersburg. On the way, you can admire the bridges and embankments of the Big Neva, the expanses of the Gulf of Finland, warships and forts. In Kronstadt itself, you will find a three-hour walking tour of the city, with a visit to the Naval Nikolsky Cathedral.

Motorboats to Kronstadt depart on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at 12.30 from the Kunstkamera berth on the University Embankment. On board there is a snack bar, gift shop and other amenities.

Tickets can be purchased in advance on the ASTRA MARINE website - www.BoatTrip.ru. For online store customers there are discounts and promotions, as well as a special “Petersburger” tariff for residents of the city.

ASTRA MARINE, founded in 1994, is one of the largest shipping companies in St. Petersburg, carrying out domestic passenger water transport.

ASTRA MARINE was one of the first to offer residents and visitors of the city walks under the famous drawbridges. Today, the routes along the Neva and the Gulf of Finland, the rivers and canals of Northern Venice cover all of Petersburg and its famous suburbs: Peterhof and Kronstadt.