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Krestovsky Island

© Алексей Фёдоров, Wikimedia Commons
Crossroads of Morskoy Avenue and Ryukhina Street
Metro Stations
05:45 – 00:35
Years of foundation
E.M. Rapoport, G.A. Vasiliev

The station of the 5th (Frunzensko-Primorskaya, Violet) line was opened on September 3, 1999 as part of the Sadovaya - Chkalovskaya section. Until March 7, 2009, it was operated as part of the Right-Bank ("Orange") line, and switched to "Violet" after entering the section "Dostoevskaya" - "Spasskaya".

The station was named after the island on which it is located and was designed by architects E.M. Rapoport and G.A. Vasilieva.

The pavilion is located at the intersection of Morskoy Avenue and Ryukhina Street, near the entrance to the Seaside Victory Park. It stands on a stepped base and consists of two volumetric components that are offset relative to each other at an angle of 45 °. The transparent cube, which incorporates a park landscape, intersects at an angle with an open stone arcade, characteristic of the palace and park ensembles of St. Petersburg.

For the first time in St. Petersburg, the underground station and its ground lobby are designed as a thematically unified and architecturally connected whole. The combination of light limestone characteristic of St. Petersburg in the decoration of columns and arches and travertine in the decoration of track walls emphasizes the integrity of the architectural solution. The end wall for the first time in Russia is decorated with mirrors - this visually enlarges the station and enhances its spatial impact.

Also used for the first time is the Roman designation of the station's opening year. It is located at the end, on the frieze of the pediment, separated from the arch. Each wall connecting the two columns is decorated with mosaic medallions, where rivers and islands are allegorically depicted.

For the architectural solution of the Krestovsky Ostrov station, the head of the team of authors E.M. Rapoport was awarded the Gold Medal of the Russian Academy of Arts (2000) and the Gold Diploma of the laureate of the architectural festival "Architecture 2001".