Krasnogvardeysky Bridge

Opened in
kanal Griboyedova
Length, m
19 meters
Width, m
5 meters
P.A. Areshev and V.S. Vasilkovsky
A.A. Kulikov

Krasnogvardeysky Bridge connects Kazansky Island and Spassky Island across the Griboyedov Canal in Admiralty District of St. Petersburg. This bridge is located on the left bank of the Kryukov Canal near St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral.

In 1820 an engineer E.A. Adam drawn up a project of a pedestrian suspension bridge across the Catherine Canal opposite the Nikolsky market. Despite the fact that the project was approved, the bridge was not built due to financial problems.

The bridge was built in the years 1956-1957 due to the need to lay there district heating pipes. The authors of the project of crossing were engineer A.A. Kulikov, architects P.A. Areshev and V.S. Vasilkovsky. This is a single-span reinforce concrete simple bridge.

The superstructure is a reinforced concrete frame. The bridge abutments are concrete ones on pile foundation, and faced with granite. The covering - sand asphalt. There is a pedestrian railing in the form of metal grating by the type of the railing of the Fontanka River embankment. At the ends of the railing on granite pedestals granite conical lighting columns with hexagonal prismatic lanterns are placed. Entrances to the bridge are decorated with granite steps with a railing of solid granite parapet.

In 1970 gilding "cones" on the granite obelisks were restored.

Although the main function of Krasnogvardeysky Bridge - transfer through the canal of district heating pipes - the authors successfully entered this construction into the surrounding space. Krasnogvardeysky Bridge forms a single engineering and architectural ensemble with other two bridges over the Griboyedov Canal: Pikalov Bridge and Staro-Nikolsky Bridge. The composition of the three bridges looks very harmoniously. Perhaps, this is the only place in St. Petersburg where you can see what was conceived by Peter the Great - a real "Venice of the North". That is why almost all river trips on the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg anyway pass under Krasnogvardeysky Bridge.

Although only two channels intersect there, if you stand in the middle of Krasnogvardeisky Bridge, you can see nine different crossings across these channels at the same time along a circular panorama. The landscape is complemented by St. Nicholas Cathedral, bell tower and distant Сhurch of St. Isidore.