«Kontakt» on Vladimirskaya

Vladimirsky pr., 17
14:00 – 06:00
Average bill
600 rub
+7 (812) 951-83-95

Youth bar with affordable prices, noisy parties and sports broadcasts. From drinks - many types of beer: draft and bottled, craft, domestic and imported. In addition, the bar list contains a wide variety of spirits, shots and cocktails, as well as several wine positions (both by glass and in a bottle). The menu includes the most popular dishes of European, Pan-Asian and Russian cuisines: shawarma, pizza, rolls, WOK, as well as a wide range of various beer snacks.

The institution constantly holds promotions, more details of which can be found in the social networks of "Kontakt"!

Popular positions:

  • Set "For a friendly company": chicken wings, croutons with cheese, croutons with garlic, pigtail cheese, Idaho potatoes with BBQ sauce  - 449 rubles.
  • Pasta with ham and mushrooms - 229 rubles.
  • Beefburger - 269 rubles.
  • Poke with salmon - 289 rubles.
  • Chicken with a cheese crust with baked potatoes - 279 rubles.
  • Beer "Vasileostrovskoe dark" (0.5 l) - 165 rubles.
  • Almond May-Thai cocktail - 189 rubles.
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