Club-festival "Morse"

Kozhevennaya line, 40
Entrance fee
Ticket prices for various concerts range from 700 to 6500 rubles.
+7 (812) 914-3-914

The new music club on the territory of the creative cluster "Port Sevkabel" is a multifunctional two-level space with a total area of about 2,500 square meters with two halls and a restaurant with 100 seats overlooking the Gulf of Finland.

The total capacity of the club is more than one and a half thousand people. Here will be held concerts of contemporary music, festivals, lectures, dance parties.

The name for the club was not chosen by chance. Morse code, as the project creators believe, is the simplest system of direct communication between people. In addition, the plant on the Kozhevennaya line was built by Karl Siemens and Johann Galske, the creators of the first telegraph line in Russia, and the inventor of the telegraph was Samuel Morse.

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