Karlsson Haus


Fontanka River emb., 50


10:00 – 21:00

Entrance fee

600-1000 rubles

Karlsson Haus is an interactive children's theater where you will meet the heroes of your favorite works and make new friends.

This is a theater for the whole family, where performances are held for both young spectators and older theatergoers. Here the spirit of a tireless and cheerful hero reigns, who always repeated that troubles are trifles, an everyday matter and there is nothing to be upset about!

Here adults become a little children, throwing off the burden of their problems, playing and responding to live communication with the actors. Children, on the other hand, gain experience and grow wiser through empathy for the characters in the performances.

When you come to the theater, pay attention to the Carlson's house with curtains and a lantern, as if descended from the pages of Astrid Lindgren's book. As you know, Carlson flew away, but promised to return. So he returned - to the courtyard on the Fontanka embankment, 50!

The theater has two more sites: on Lomonosov street, 14, and the New stage at Furshtatskaya street, 30.

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