Kapital Bar

Dobrolyubova, 11
11:00 – 23:00
Average bill
1000 rub
+7(929)104 11 11

Kapital Bar is a bar specializing in Russian wines. The wine list of the establishment features more than 90 types of still and sparkling wine brought from different regions of Russia. A special device helps to preserve the taste properties of wines, which allows serving wines in glasses without opening the bottle. Also, the institution brews more than 30 types of aromatic coffee - from classic espresso and Americano to coffee in cezve and drinks brewed by alternative methods.

Popular positions:

  • Licuria Sauvignon Blanc white glass / bottle - 300/1200 rubles.
  • Brut d'Or Blanc de Blanc brut white glass / bottle - 500/2250 rubles.
  • Gran Rose extra brut pink bottle - 4900 rubles
  • Cabernet Sauvignon red glass / bottle - from 450/2000 rubles.
  • Coffee with lemon, salt and dark chocolate - 170 rubles
  • Mint-raspberry drink - 200 rubles
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