Historical yards on Gorokhovaya

Gorokhovaya Str., 31-37
09:00 – 22:00

Looking into these yards, you will find yourself among the Petersburgers of the XIX century, strolling along the streets of the city, find a bearded janitor at work, see a beautiful lady looking out the window and an organ-grinder at the gate under a window with a flower on the windowsill. Pictures from the life of the citizens of the XIX century appeared here in 2004.

Artists worked well: from a distance, the painted gates seem real, it seems that behind them is the world of ancient St. Petersburg. On the wall of one of the houses a balcony with flowers and a peacock are painted. You can see a blossoming tree, and birds, and cats. Decorated are not only the walls of houses but also arches. In the center of one of the courtyards is a gazebo, stylized as a carriage. In the center of the other is a tower, turned into a mill.

The courtyards are clean, well-maintained, the drawings are perfectly preserved. The good condition of the yards is due to the presence of gates with electronic locks. You can see an interesting place if you wait for someone from the tenants and ask politely in St. Petersburg style that they let you in.

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