Zagorodny pr., 9
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday
08:00 – 23:00
Friday, Saturday
08:00 – 00:00
Average bill
900 rubles
+7 (812) 907-37-47

Democratic Balkan street food bar, whose owner is Serb Jovan Rasheta. In the menu you will find cheap street dishes of the Balkan cuisine. The bar list includes Serbian wines and raki. A glass of homemade wine costs 160 rubles, a raki glass - 200 rubles.

The interior is decorated with classic Serbian motifs and street style: the halls are decorated with copies of Belgrade graffiti, the ceiling is covered with a “fur coat” of machine plaster, and one of the walls is lined with paving tiles.

On weekends there are parties with DJs who play turbo-folk, hip-hop and pop.

Popular dishes:

  • Pleskavitsa: 300-340 rub.
  • Serbian Orzo with a Lamb Sac: 320 rub.
  • Smoked cod with ayvar and bulgur: 340 rub.
  • New Belgrade Cheeseburger (lepigna): 340 rub.
  • Army beans with Serb sausages: 200 rub.
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