Time cafe



1st Sovietskaya st., 4


Time cafes


12:00 – 22:00

Average bill

250 rubles

Freak Zone is Russia's first anti-cafe club in the style of Steampunk. All week long they watch movies, organize master classes in crafting, carry out quests, play mafia and marathons of board games, read poems and listen to or play music themselves.

The place has a large selection of tea (over 30 varieties) and coffee, which is delivered on special order.

A special feature is a unique design, completely created by hand. The interior is made in expensive materials: genuine leather, solid wooden chairs and cast-iron legs at the tables. There are tables for two, tables for medium-sized companies of up to 6 people, and a unique podium with a lot of pillows on which you can sit without shoes under blankets, drink tea and play games for companies of up to 8 people.

You can book a table by phone: 812 (244-68-26).

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