Fontanka River emb., 51-53
12:00 – 00:00
Caucasian, Armenian
Average bill
1650 рублей (без напитков)

In the restaurant chef cooks according to old traditional recipes as well as inventing his own dishes, which you can’t try anywhere else. Most of the products are brought from Armenia – spices, cheese, basturma, sudjuk, seafood, wine and tea. Nice addition to the menu is Georgian cuisine.

Interior is made in traditional Armenian style. Ethnic hall demonstrates peasant style with handmade carpets and table covers. The big room is more elegant with antique furniture, imperial porcelain and fireplace.

Prices for popular dishes:

Khachapuri (cheese pie) - 560 rubles
Kufta - 790 rubles
Lamb shashlik - 690 rubles