The courtyards of Tolstoy's house

Rubinstein Street, 15-17; embankment of Fontanka, 54

Tolstoy House is a model of the architecture of the Silver Age. It was built in 1910-1912 by architect F.I. Lidval in the style of Northern Art Nouveau.

The house was built by the order of Count Mikhail Pavlovich Tolstoy. Since 1913, after his death, the widow of the house was his widow, Countess Olga Aleksandrovna Tolstaya, a nee Princess Vasilchikova (the daughter of Prince Vasilchikov, second in the duel of M.Yu. Lermontov).

The house is decorated in the style typical of F.I. Lidval: "Renaissance" arches-passageways up to the third floor, on the upper floors loggias. A distinctive feature, three walkways leading from Rubinshtein Street to the Fontanka embankment. The courtyards are decorated as carefully as the facades.

When constructing here were provided the laundry, water supply, elevators. The house was designed for residents from different estates. Today, this is an elite property, but in the daytime, you can freely stroll through its yards.

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