Monplaisir Palace

Petrodvoretz, Aleksandrovskoe sh., 7
10:30 – 18:00
In 2018, the Monplaisir Palace will close for the winter of October 1. In the summer season, the palace is open daily, except for the last Monday of each month. In the summer season, the museum stops working during rain and in high humidity.
Entrance fee
Full ticket - 500 rubles. A ticket for citizens of the Russian Federation and the CIS - 300 rubles. A ticket for privileged categories of citizens of the Russian Federation (students, veterans, pensioners) - 200 rubles. Children under 16 years old - free of charge.

The Monplaisir Palace is located in the eastern part of the Lower Park on the shores of the Gulf of Finland. A direct alley from the Roman fountains leads to the palace.

It is from Monplaisir that it is worth starting the journey around Peterhof. Monplaisir (translated from French as “my pleasure”) is the only coastal palace that has been preserved in its original form. It was built in the years 1714-1723 according to the opinion of Peter I about a dwelling convenient for an enlightened person. The decoration was clearly conceived under the influence of Dutch architecture of the 18th century, which is why the palace was sometimes called the "Dutch House". The architects of the project are Andreas Schlüter, Johann Friedrich Braunstein, Jean-Baptiste Leblon and Nicolo Michetti.

Initially, “Peterhof” (“the court of Peter”) was called precisely Monplaisir and the territories adjacent to it. Legends say that the sovereign himself planted oaks at Monplaisir.

The palace has preserved to this day a significant part of the true decoration.

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