Yard with a "glowing arch"

13 line VO, 26

In the yard of the house 26 on the 13th line of VO. you can notice an interesting arch with a huge opening in the middle, through which the bright light beats. The opening cuts through the house from the second to the fifth floor.

In due time in this building, free housing for poor parishioners of the Andreevsky cathedral was organized. Three-storey house in the spirit of eclecticism was built in 1877 according to the project of N.V. Trusov for the charitable society of St. Andrew's Cathedral.

It is interesting that the architect drafted the project and volunteered to direct the work completely free of charge. Famous merchants and patrons of art of that time volunteered to help build the house for the charitable society. Today, this arch is known as the place where desires are fulfilled, especially if your desire is kind and disinterested.

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