"Courtyard of Spirits"

Bolshoy avenue VO, 15/4 line VO, 5

"Courtyard of Spirits" is a courtyard well two meters by one and a half meters on Vasilievsky Island. According to legend, if you look at a small piece of the sky, mentally turn to the spirits and make a wish, it will come true. But almost no one in St. Petersburg knows the exact address ...

In fact, this is one of the courtyards in the lodging house of Leopold Egorovich Kyonig, built in the late seventies of the 19th century. This is a corner house on the 4th line, 5. To get into the yard, you need to go into the first arch, nearest to the Bolshoy Prospekt, to reach the furthest entrance on the left side. Under the visor there will be a door with intercom, leading to the basement. Behind this door there is a passing front door - a passage to the Courtyard of Spirits, which, in fact, is not quite a courtyard, but rather a light well between the buildings.

There is a legend that in this yard live spirits protecting the inhabitants of Vasilievsky Island. According to another version at the beginning of the twentieth century, Nikolai Roerich lived in one of the apartments of the house, who conducted here spiritual sessions, calling spirits.

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