Friends on Vosstaniya

Vosstaniya st., 11
24 hours
Entrance fee
from 600 rubles

Friends is the largest economy class hostel chain in St. Petersburg. Hostel Friends on Vosstaniya is one of the most popular on the network. It is located a five-minute walk from Moskovsky Train Station and occupies an entire building. Landmark - at the entrance there is a yellow "Zaporozhets", like two drops of water similar to the Beatles Yellow Submarine. The original design is waiting for you inside.

Having entered the hostel, you need to go along a small corridor and rise to the second floor to the reception. Friends on Vosstaniya has 45 rooms, of which 37 are individual and 8 are communal, and can accommodate up to 12 people. Most rooms feature bunk wooden beds with curtains and individual lighting. Multiple rooms are divided into three categories: male, female and mixed.

All rooms of the hostel are distinguished by a bright design, and Soviet-era posters and pin-up propaganda posters are hung on the walls of the corridors. Each floor has an equipped kitchen. Amenities are general: clean and spacious showers and toilets. The spacious living room also serves as a venue for various events: parties, concerts and master classes.