Galich House

Nevsky pr., 141
Cultural spaces
During the events

A new cultural and social center, named in honor of the outstanding poet and playwright, scriptwriter, author-performer, Soviet dissident Alexander Galich.

According to the plan of the project's creator - the son of Alexander Galich, the St. Petersburg priest and human rights activist Grigory Mikhnov-Vaitenko, the House of Galich is not a museum, but a space (virtual and real) in which the poet would be interested to participate himself. This is a place of communication for people who are not indifferent, a place for reflection and meetings.

There are lectures, book presentations, exhibitions, film screenings, public hearings on the most acute topics of concern to St. Petersburgers organized.

Удивите ваших гостей авторскими программами и «погружением» в тему!
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