"Kind city Petersburg"


Ligovsky pr., 87, office 300

As a separate organization, the fund was registered in February 2011. In fact, the organization has existed since 2006, when the direction “Development of charity and corporate social responsibility” appeared at MBO “Center RNO” and the city charity festival “Good Peter” was held for the first time.

The Charity Fund “Good City Petersburg” is working to make our city truly beautiful, fair and kind - one where you want to live and raise your children. We help solve urgent city issues, and develop private and corporate charity.

The fund operates in five main areas:

  • development of social capital, city charity projects and events;
  • support for social projects and civic initiatives that improve the quality of life of older people;
  • development of family and children's charity;
  • corporate charity development;
  • development of a professional community in the field of charity.

 If you share the values of the “Kind City Petersburg” and do not want to stay away, join the team of volunteers!