Time cafe

Daisy Lounge


ул. Маяковского, 27 (вход под библиотекой, код *1162#)


Time cafes


12:00 – 06:00

Average bill

450 rubles

Timecafe Daisy Lounge is a friendly family of lovers of emotional get-togethers over fragrant tea. Here they play games, compete on XBox and PS, sing along and make new acquaintances.

Facility waiting for the guests: Chinese brewed tea with sweets, gingerbread and cookies, hookah, board games for the company and the couple, game consoles for serious competitions and, finally, the anti-cinema with Apple TV. You can play your music or movie.

Удивите ваших гостей авторскими программами и «погружением» в тему!
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