Circus Avtovo

Avtovskaya st, 1а

The Circus in Avtovo is a stationary circus tent located five minutes from the Avtovo metro station. Previously, the circus tent was set up opposite the Victory Park on Moskovsky Prospekt. But in 1985, the building of the Russian National Library was built here, and the circus was transferred to the Kirovsky district.

Other requirements were imposed on the circus tent: it was temporary and only worked in the summer. But then the idea was swarming to make it stationary, super-modern in terms of design, decoration and architecture, so that it would fit into the architectural appearance of the area.

The circus building in Avtovo was created by the French company Lucien-Walther. It opened its doors on August 15, 1995. This is a unique circus building, where there are no additional supports, structures, details that would interfere with the audience's perception. Such a device gives an excellent view of the stage from any place in the audience hall - both from the first rows and from the last.

On the circus arena you can see new and new programs, concerts, performances and other exciting shows.

Attention: tickets are sold at the circus box office, you cannot buy them on the website. Cashier phone: +7 (812) 784-97-42.

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