Chto Delaet Olen (What does the deer do?)

Fontanka river emb., 20
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Weekend
18:00 – 05:00
Average bill
500 rubles
+7 (999) 515-89-51

Chto Delaet Olen is a small but two-level bar with a kicker, located in the former booth of the projectionist on the second floor of the Golitsyn loft creative space.

The restaurant is decorated simply and concisely: budget Swedish furniture, dim lights, a minimum of details. Here they pour various tinctures of their own production, strong alcohol at affordable prices, and also mix cocktails from the Fantasy Bartender category, but they can also make something from the classics. In addition, there is an assortment of craft beer. Home-baked lard and pickles are available.

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