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The public space in the courtyard of the TSEKH theater is a joint project of the theater and the Anikushin Workshop Museum. As conceived by the creators, the courtyard will become a place of friendship for artists, artists and musicians; street performances, concerts, exhibitions will be held here.

The concept of space "TSEKH '. Yard "was developed by the theater actors, and the exhibits were created by St. Petersburg sculptors: Evgeny Dukhovny, Vladimir Andreev, Antonina Fatkhullina and others.

Theater "TSEKH" was born in 2013 - it was founded by a team of graduates from the workshop of A.A. Praudin of the St. Petersburg Theater Academy. Today, there are performances for adults and children, master classes and training in acting. Exhibitions and performances by young contemporary artists are held in the foyer and courtyard. TSEKH theater unites all types of contemporary art, rethinks them and enables the viewer to understand and feel something new, important and real.

Visit the public space TSEKH. Courtyard ”is available during the events taking place there, with tickets that are sold online on the theater's website.

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