Buffer Park

Pushkin, Detskoselsky bl.
Year of foundation
The area of the park

The buffer park, located at the intersection of St. Petersburg Highway and Detskoselsky Boulevard, is the youngest among all Pushkin parks. From the south it is bounded by a railway line - next to it is the platform "Detskoselskaya" and the terminal station of the new Children's Railway. The construction of the buffer park was carried out in the late 1980s and early 1990s and was associated with the laying of new streets and the erection of new buildings on the outskirts of Pushkin. Remains of the overpass of the former Tsarist railway remained in the buffer park territory.

Initially, it was assumed that the buffer park should be a forest with elements of park landscaping for mass recreation of the population and holding various city events. In 2007, three hundred birches were planted here - the grove of the 300 years of Tsarskoe Selo appeared.

Now this is a fairly extensive green zone, occupying about 110 hectares. In summer, city holidays are held here, the main of which is the Day of the founding of Tsarskoe Selo. But on ordinary days the Buffer Park looks deserted: no one doubts the fact that this zone requires active cultural development.

In recent years, many projects have been proposed for the improvement of the Buffer Park. One of them is the creation of an interactive children's entertainment center and an amusement park.