Big Obukhovsky Bridge


Ring road (CAD)




24 hours

Opened in

2004 (first stage), 2007 (second stage)





Length, m




The only fixed bridge over the Neva, the Big Obukhovsky Bridge is located on the border of the Nevsky District of St. Petersburg and the Vsevolozhsky District of the Leningrad Region. It connects Obukhovskoy Oboron Avenue and Oktyabrskaya Embankment. Sometimes it is simply called the Shuttle because of its construction: the span structure is connected with metal pylons with the help of cables.

The bridge was built by the project of the Institute "Stroyproekt". The opening of the first stage took place on December 15, 2004, the second on October 19, 2007. Crossing has become an important component of the Petersburg Ring Road. At that time it was the longest and widest bridge in St. Petersburg and in Russia.

And today it is the largest bridge across the Neva: the total length of the bridge, including the approach ramps, is almost three kilometers - 2884 meters. The length of the bridge itself is 994 meters, the length of the navigable span is 382 meters. The bridge clearance (the height of the spans above the water level) is 30 meters - it allows even large vessels to freely pass under the bridge. The height of the pylons - 120.5 meters.

Prior to the opening in 2016 of the Western High-Speed Diameter, the Big Obukhovsky Bridge was the only one that could be taken to the other side of the Neva at night during the navigation period when the rest of the Neva bridges were opened.