Charity Society "Special Petersburg"


Alpine lane., 8


09:00 – 18:00

If a special child grows up in your family, then you are familiar with these problems firsthand: the child needs friends. But where to find them? The child wants to be creative - to sing, dance, draw ... But teachers in ordinary circles are not ready to work with a special child. A child needs sports, but there are no adapted programs for disabled children in the city. A special child, like all children on Earth, wants holidays, vivid impressions and entertainment. But it stops the lack of adapted tours, performances, events.

The charity society "Special Petersburg" is happy to open up the city's opportunities for children with special needs! The main activity of the company is the organization and holding on a charitable basis of cultural and entertainment events for families with children with disabilities.

"Special Petersburg" is waiting for caring people who want and can do good deeds! Volunteers of the organization can be persons over 18 years of age with experience in volunteering and an active life position.