Charity organization "Perspectives"


Gorokhovaya st., 64-17


10:00 – 18:00

"Perspectives" is a partnership of charitable organizations working to improve the lives of children and adults with severe disabilities.

"Perspectives" St. Petersburg Charitable Non-Governmental Organization has been working in St. Petersburg since 1996. Now the organization supports children with severe disabilities in the Orphanage No. 4 (the program "Children outside the family. Pavlovsk") and the families in which such children grow up (the program "Family Support"), implements a volunteer program and the program "Further education. Experience exchange".

The autonomous non-profit organization “New Perspectives” provides support and assistance to wards over 18 years of age: this is the program “Adults Outside the Peterhof Family in an Orphanage for Adults (PNI No. 3) and the innovative projects“ Training Apartment ”,“ Accompanied Accommodation ”and“ Guest House ” ".

Both organizations are non-governmental, independently seek funds for the implementation of projects, accept volunteer assistance and charitable donations.

If you turn to the volunteer service of the SPb BOO "Perspectives" with a proposal for cooperation, you will first be warned that volunteer work is not a one-time charity undertaking, but a very responsible work that takes a lot of time and takes a lot of energy. Physically, this work is very difficult, because our wards are often deprived of the opportunity to move independently or move with great difficulty. The presence of a large amount of time that a volunteer will be ready to spend on helping wards is a prerequisite for the cooperation of a charitable organization with you.

In the "Perspectives" there has long been a unique project for Russia, "Voluntary Social Year", in which volunteers work for one year every day in boarding schools and day care centers. They carry out vital activities for the wards: feed them, conduct hygienic procedures, brush their teeth, walk, go on excursions and much, much more! In addition, the volunteer is a friend; he is the one who will help and make life happier and fuller.