Bar 8 (Vosem)

Lenina st., 8
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Weekend
18:00 – 00:00
Average bill
650 rubles

The chamber wine bar is located in the famous Kolobovs' house, under the corner tower. It opened in 2015 on the site of an antique shop, which, in turn, took the place of the old St. Petersburg front room. The interior of the bar reflects the atmosphere not just of St. Petersburg, but of the Petrograd side, where modernism is adjacent to neo-baroque, and the spaces are so small that it is easy to meet acquaintances.

The bar is really small, semicircular. Its racks and low window-sills can fit just 10 people. It serves 14 varieties of wine and light snacks with it. There is no kitchen in the bar. A bottle of wine costs from 650 to 1150 rubles, but it is also poured into glasses. In 2018, the assortment of wines by the glass in the bar "Eight" was one of the widest in St. Petersburg.

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