Art Caviar

Bolshaya Koyushenaya st., 10
Russian Cuisine
12:00 – 23:00
Average bill
2100 rubles
+7 (812) 386-38-58

Art-Caviar is a restaurant of Russian author's cuisine and caviar boutique. The menu is marked with three sections, which include a collection of mini-snacks, a set and the main menu of three dozen positions. The chef recommends starting with a set menu - ten courses of dishes, each of which represents a particular type of caviar, including a variety of sturgeon: beluga, albino, Russian sturgeon, Siberian sturgeon, stellate sturgeon, spike, sterlet, bester. Such set costs 3500 rubles.

In the wine list, consisting of 50 names, sommelier Evgeny Shamov, a Russian champion in his profession, identifies three main areas. The first is a proven companion of caviar and seafood - sparkling and champagne. In this section you can find both familiar and beloved house wines and wines of small family wineries. The second is wines produced in the Kuban, in Rostov and Crimea, with a high level of quality and consonant with such an absolutely Russian product as black caviar. The third is the modern classic of Europe and the New World, where wine lovers will find both traditional and avant-garde names.

Popular positions:

  • Avocado tartar with dried tomatoes and sturgeon classic caviar - 890 rubles.
  • “Lingvinni” made of zucchini with avocado mousse and pressed Astrakhanka caviar - 890 rubles.
  • Tataki from a scapula of a bull - 890 rubles.
  • Pulled crab with a spicy apple - 980 rubles.